Columbus May Lose Salvage Dealer Support

One of the few states that does right be licensed salvage yards is in danger of being opened up for the sake of more money.

Every year in Ohio, more than 100,000 wrecked, burned or otherwise dead cars become the inventory of insurance companies, which then sell the vehicles for parts through salvage auctions.

In most states, insurance companies can sell the vehicles through online auctions to virtually anyone, anywhere.

In Ohio, only 1,097 valid buyer identification card holders can access the pool. And only salvage dealers licensed in Ohio and 21 other states can apply for the card.

Efforts to scrap the buyer card have circulated the Statehouse for years but failed because of the tug of war between insurance agencies and auctioneers seeking higher sales and salvage dealers afraid of losing business.

State Sen. Keith Faber, R-Celina, reintroduced the issue this year with Senate Bill 273.

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