Alligator Powered Cars

Forget horsepower. Gator gas may be the next big thing to keep your motor running.

Forget horse power!  Looking for alternatives to using food crops, such as soybeans and corn, as raw materials for fuel, U.S. researchers have developed a way to extract oil from alligator fat and easily convert it into biodiesel.

In a study in the American Chemical Society’s journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, released Wednesday, researchers from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette note the alligator meat industry disposes about 15 million pounds of alligator fat annually in landfills.

The researchers noted the gator oil was more suitable for biodiesel production than oil from some other animal fats. The alligator biodiesel was also similar in composition to biodiesel from soybeans, and met nearly all of the official standards for high-quality biodiesel.  I love the creativity of all these committed scientists, keep up the good work and we will get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels.