Cash Found in Recycling Station

This piece of news is quite funny and probably falls into the area of weird.  It seems in Sunnyvale the adage ‘finders keepers’ does not count when it is public servants finding cold, hard cash!  because amid the crushed soda cans, plastic bags and soiled cardboard, a shower of $100 bills started raining from the ceiling.

Workers at the Sunnyvale recycling station ran giddily about early Tuesday morning, catching the cash and stuffing the money inside a plastic bucket. They had even found a body among the hundreds of thousands of tons of recyclables sorted at the SMaRT plant over the years. But cash? Buckets of it? Never.

“It just kept coming,” Geronimo Martinez, 57, a supervisor at the station, said Wednesday, “more and more. It was crazy. I thought at first it was a joke.” All told, they retrieved $3,200 — and now Sunnyvale police are sorting out the mystery of how hundreds of Ben Franklins ended up in the trash. Sunnyvale spokesman John Pilger said the money was in a load of recyclables that came from Mountain View. Could it be drug money? Stolen from a bank? Someone’s life savings? If it’s yours, good luck claiming it.

Pilger said the money has been booked with the city’s Department of Public Safety. If the cash goes unclaimed for 90 days, it will be turned over to the city’s general fund.  That is a bit of a downer, I would like to see half go to charity and the other half go to the workers themselves.