Let’s Make-Over our Lives the Cash for Clunkers Way

Regular people are starting to chime in about the ‘runaway’ success of the Cash for Clunkers program.

Collecting money from the taxpayer to distribute to car buyers should be expanded to all areas of our daily lives. How about $325 bucks to anyone turning in their gas or electric powered lawnmower if they purchase three goats. How about $1700 towards the purchase of a 14 foot rowboat with oars if you turn in a twin engine Sea Ray. How about $400 bucks towards a deluxe roof mounted Windmill for your home if you discontinue your electric service. How about $2,100 towards a stand alone restroom behind your home if you turn in your toilet. Gee! , we could save all kinds of money! I sure am glad that we have Obama and the democrats in there with all of there great ideas. I am so proud that I just want to donate, donate donate!

I am not sure I agree with this guy but it did make me chuckle!!!